IS/IV/UCCF Alumni Reunion 2021

Have you registered for the upcoming Reunion yet?!! Have you been telling others about this Reunion?!! 

For more information visit the Reunion website at

The event promises to be a spectacular occasion as Christian friends from various institutions gather for a VIRTUAL ALUMNI REUNION on Saturday, September 25, 2021. 

This event is open to everyone who participated in ISCF and IVCF/UCCF during their years in school. We want to reinvigorate interest in, and love for, the Ministries that played such an important role in our lives as young people, during our formative years as Christians.

You will find full information about the upcoming event on the Event Details page.  We will periodically post updates about the event on the Event Updates page, so visit the site regularly and be informed.

Please register asap, so the Planning Committee can appropriately plan a wonderful event for attendees.

Additionally, we are holding a fundraising effort for the SCFSU Ministry, to address emergency and ongoing financial needs.  The details are on the Fundraising Project page.  Please donate generously on the Donate to SCFSU page.

For those who are not aware,  IVCF (Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship) is now UCCF (University & Colleges Christian Fellowship) and serves all tertiary institutions in Jamaica.  Furthermore, ISCF and UCCF have administratively merged with Scripture Union (SU) and is now referred to as Students Christian Fellowship & Scripture Union (SCFSU).