Newsletter March April 2016

SCFSU Staff Workers in Training   

This year two staff workers from Jamaica Sherika Sewell, Western region and Latavia Henry, Eastern region. They journeyed to Trinidad for the 3 day, bi-annual Caribbean staff training conference. 

CASET/ELT Conference Trinidad 2016

We give thanks to God for the success of the recently concluded Caribbean Area Staff Education and Training/ Emerging Leaders Training(CASET/ELT) Conference, which was held at Turning Point Campsite, Maracas Valley, St. Joseph., Trinidad. The training ran from March 29– April 2, 2016. It was a great blessing to receive knowledge, training and spiritual food from fellow brothers and sisters from throughout the region as well as from the United States and Canada. Worship was coordinated by the representatives of Suriname. 

The training sessions were conducted by Desmond Rogers (Regional Secretary), Marc Pulvar (Associate Regional Secretary), Kurt and Laura Thiel (InterVartsity Link Staff Workers from the United States), Tomy Wilkerson (Cayman Islands Staff Worker), Josephine Romain (former IFES board member), Paul Mursalin (International Director, Barnabas Fund),and many others. Bevaun Ragobeer introduced a scripture engagement initiative entitled, Face the Book, which CARIFES hopes to apply throughout the region.

The method allows for Bible study participants to engage in reflection on personal application of scriptures incrementally throughout the Bible study session rather than at the conclusion of the study. It also facilitated group accountability to help students commit to personal Bible study.

During the closing ceremony tokens of recognition were presented on behalf of IFES. Mrs. Ruby Thompson for 60 years service in Trinidad. Deborah Dowlath and Josephine Romaine for their outstanding contributions to the movements in Grenada and St. Lucia respectively.                                                                        By Anastaziz Hamilton

Photo: Left to right Josephine Romaine, Deborah Dowlath, and Ruby Thompson
 My Jamaican Experience
As our American team entered into one of the Jamaican Universities, we were greeted by the title of this post. I must say, it has definitely become one of my favorite quotes from Jamaica. lol. As a person who unwittingly lives under white privilege, I have never thought twice about someone being surprised by my race. Yes friends, In case you were wondering, white, caucasian, european american or whatever term you prefer, is in fact one of many races in this world. That is not something that I’ve ever thought about much before joining staff with IV, but since I have grown in my multi-ethnic journey, and Jamaica gave a new experience in living as a minority. I want to tell you about the JUMP (Jamaica Universities Mission Project) trip! I’ve never been out of the country before (save for Canada…but I mean come on. I didn’t even need a passport back then), so I was excited to journey to new lands. My excitement wasn’t disappointed.
All spring break week, 14 WVU students and 3 staff experienced the Jamaican culture, ate the Jamaican food, and was laughed at by our new Jamaican friends when we tried to repeat their patois words. The trip took us to multiple universities and high schools in the capitol, Kingston. Once there we met students who were involved with our sister movement UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship), the Jamaican equivalent to InterVarsity. We paired up with people and did evangelism…all week. Sometimes people did open air preaching, gave testimonies, or performed dramas; but the majority of our time was spent in conversational evangelism. You may think this sounds crazy and weird way to spend a spring break…but It, Was., WONDERFUL.
After only 4 days of sharing the Gospel to hundreds of students, 23 made decisions to follow Jesus! CRAZY! And that was only the beginning of it. God did such an amazing work at these universities. Not only did we see great numbers turn to Jesus, but the Jamaican students, as well as the WVU students, greatly exceeded our expectations in their drive to share the Gospel and in taking risks. All of our participating students fully engaged several campuses for hours. At the end of our time there, the students shared that they want to evangelize back home all the time. At least Once a Week, They had even made plans to make it happen.
There was so much more that happened on this trip that I can not even begin to elaborate on. God did incredible work, our students were bold and courageous, and we are all forever changed because of our experiences in Jamaica. I am so thankful for this thrilling experience, and for our new Jamaican friends who taught us so much about loving God with all we are, all we have, and for all that He is!
ISCF/UCCF ignites Manchester High 
This year’s National Rally had students from across Jamaica that ignited Manchester High School, Mandeville. Hundreds were richly blessed by the guest speaker Rev. Daley, guest artiste Rondell Positive and the Dramatic Performances. Also in attendance the Heart Foundation funded NHF, who screened for blood pressure and various health checks. The attendance was approx. 600. The awards ceremony was broken segmented into three areas, National Prizes, Regional Prizes and Individual or Student prizes.
2015-2016 Contribution Winners:
1st Place Westwood High   
2nd Place Hamiltion School 
2015-2016 Highest Contribution Regional School:
Western Region - Westwood High
Central Region - Hampton High
Eastern Region - Wolmers Girls High
Highest Indivdual Student
Reoneil Drummond
Highest Attendance at Walkathon:
Western - Herbert Morrison Tech.
Central - Peterfield High
Eastern - St Andrew High
Top Staff Advisor
Western Region - Angeliee Gayle Treasure
Central Region - Shanel Chisholm
Eastern - Khadene Guyah
Westwood, Hampton and York Castle each were awarded one free place to Leadership Conference 2016.
Westwood, Hampton, York Castle, Herbert Morrison and Montego Bay High each were awarded one free place
to SCFSUAnnual Fellowship Breakfast February, 2017 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.