The SCFSU is primarily a volunteer movement. Much of the work is carried out by graduates or other concerned individuals who believe in the importance of students ministry. Staff members function mainly as co-ordinators equippers, trainers and motivators. Currently there are 4 full time staffworkers. They are stationed at the Head Office in Kingston, and the two Regional Offices in Mandeville and Montego Bay.

SCFSU operations is run by dedicated staff in the three regional offices.

SCFSU Staff:

  • Mr. Sheldon O'Connor, General Secretrary 
  • Mrs. Cynthia Curtis, Senior Administrator;
  • Mrs. Kesia Chambers, Administrator;
  • Mrs. Margaret Goodison, Assistant Administrator Central Region;
  • Mr. Devon Wilson, Assistant Administrator Western Region;
  • Mr. Paul Lewis, National UCCF Staff Worker;
  • Rev. Vanya Grant, Western Region ISCF Staff Worker;
  • Rev. Lillanie Richards-Miller, Central Region ISCF Staff Worker;
  • Mrs. Latavia Henry-Campbell, Eastern Region Staff Worker;
  • Mr. Adrian Edwards, Staff Work Intern - Eastern Region

200 Staff Advisors in the High Schools, Colleges and Universities


  • Media
  • Literature
  • Camps
  • Events & Planning
  • Finance
  • Fund-Raising
  • Support Development