LEAD Conference 2017, The Experience of a lifetime

I was expectant without knowing what to expect, excited-but for what exactly? Going with a goal and a purpose in mind, looking for something I wasn’t sure I would find and indeed I found something, something rare and new, and the best part is..., though it was unlike what I had expected to find, I got the experience of a lifetime-and that was true.
We boarded the bus “Confidence” and at first sight of it you wouldn’t have had much “confidence” in it at all, I know I didn’t! But Confidence made the journey, as I was told it always does, and we entered an atmosphere that was unlike anything to us.
Well I was one of the new few unlike most of the campers were and at first sight of the location I thought “Why in heavens are they taking us away and where to”? Moorlands, though beautiful it seemed like it was outside of civilization and the real world. I soon came to learn though that that was a good thing as I began to realize that the environment gave off the feel of a new reality, an escape in a sense and it was made even clearer when they took all our devices. Lead Conference began as a new experience and ended as a great one.
My favorite parts were the early morning workouts, pool time, dorm time, eating sessions (where you get to really chill with your brothers and sisters in Christ), bible studies, ALL the teaching sessions (where you learn about being an effective leader, about yourself, about others and about God), free time, straight back to dorm time. You might have wondered, “well isn’t that all of it?”, and my response would only be this “Yes-but that’s just it! I enjoyed everything about conference”. From the environment to the brotherly relationships formed, the food, the counsellors-who were more than just counsellors but friends and role models you could both talk to and learn from, the vibe and the bond- that gave an overall sense of security and family.
At LEAD, you weren’t just taught to be a leader, you were already regarded as one. You weren’t just given mere advice on how to lead, but took away life lessons to use for all areas. You weren’t just a student or a camper but it was as if you were an important part of one big family, which is truly how God intended for us to live.
It was a short time that we spent and I only wish it was longer because while we trained to be an inspiration, we were inspired to be our best selves holistically and I was blessed enough to have had the experience of a lifetime at conference 2017.
Signed: Britania Walters
Britania is the Praise and Worship Coordinator for the ISCF group at Holy Childhood High School.